"Timberland earned our business several years ago because their price was too good to ignore. But since then, thanks to hard work, reliability, and great quality, they have earned our loyalty."

Daryl Walny, Carbine & Associates,
LLC - Daryl Walny of Carbine & Associates, LLC

"I would like to express my appreciation for the service and product that Timberland has provided for us. Starting with the initial design service process, your team worked diligently to find a design solution that would meet the need for the product that we envisioned in our homes."

"The installed cabinets at Velocity help create a space that anyone would be excited to call home. In these homes, the cabinets have played a crucial role in the overall design and ambiance. And your product has helped to create a very exciting feature within Velocity in The Gulch. Thanks to you and your team."

Scott Black, AIA Bristol Development Group